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    1070期 8月11:Bull and Bear Markets During the COVID-19 Pandemic(宋勇 講師,墨爾本大學商業與經濟學院)


    【主題】 Bull and Bear Markets During the COVID-19 Pandemic


    【時間】811 星期二下午 14:30—16:00

    Zoom】會議號:946 262 67002  會議密碼:794816

     【摘要】 This paper provides new estimates and identification of stock market cycles during the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused severe disruption to economic and financial activity worldwide. Using the model of Maheu, McCurdy and Song (2012) we estimate bull and bear markets including bull corrections and bear rallies during this period. We assess what happened to the stock market during this time including the implications for both short and long-term investors. We provide forecasts of what this model predicts for the market index in the next few months.