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    1071期 8月19日:Coordination games in continuous time(趙書辰 博士在讀,加利福尼亞大學圣克魯茲分校)


    【主題】 Coordination games in continuous time


    【時間】819日 星期三上午 10:0011:30

    Zoom】會議號:912 651 62256  會議密碼:312388

    【摘要】 This paper studies the impact of continuous time interaction on two iconic coordination games: stag hunt and battle of the sexes in a laboratory environment and compare results to possible theoretical explanations. Experimental results show that subjects consistently coordinate better in continuous time than in discrete time under various treatment environments. In continuous time, they are also more likely to converge to payoff-dominant equilibrium in stag hunt games and alternating dynamics in battle of the sexes games. Furthermore, the coordination rate is affected by the complexity of action sets and weakly influenced by payoff matrices. The paper also explores some stylized facts that result in the treatment effects.