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    Top Tier (頂級) 
    American Economic Review
    Journal of Political Economy
    Quarterly Journal of Economics
    Review of Economic Studies

    First Tier (第一類)
    Economic Journal
    Games and Economic Behavior
    International Economic Review
    Journal of Development Economics
    Journal of Econometrics
    Journal of Economic History
    Journal of Economic Theory
    Journal of International Economics
    Journal of Labor Economics
    Journal of Monetary Economics
    Journal of Public Economics
    Journal of the European Economic Association
    Quantitative Economics
    Rand Journal of Economics
    Review of Economics and Statistics
    Theoretical Economics
    American Economic Journal: Applied Economics
    American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
    American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics
    American Economic Journal: Microeconomics

    Second Tier (第二類)
    Econometric Theory
    Experimental Economics
    Journal of Applied Econometrics
    Journal of Business & Economic Statistics
    Journal of Economic Growth
    Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
    Journal of Health Economics
    Journal of Human Resources
    Journal of Industrial Economics
    Journal of Law & Economics
    Journal of Money, Credit and Banking
    Journal of Urban Economics
    Review of Economic Dynamics
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics
    AER Papers and Proceedings
    Brookings Papers on Economic Activity
    Canadian Journal of Economics
    Economic History Review
    Economic Theory
    European Economic Review
    Explorations in Economic History
    Journal of Comparative Economics
    Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization
    Journal of Economic Dynamics & Control
    Journal of Economic Education
    Journal of Economic Literature
    Journal of Economic Perspectives
    Journal of Economics & Management Strategy
    Journal of Mathematical Economics
    Journal of Population Economics
    Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics
    Journal of Regulatory Economics
    Journal of Risk and Uncertainty
    History of Political Economy
    International Journal of Industrial Organization
    Macroeconomic Dynamics
    Social Choice and Welfare

    Third Tier (第三類)
    Applied Economics
    Cambridge Journal of Economics
    China Economic Review
    Contemporary Economic Policy
    Econometrics Journal
    Econometric Reviews
    Economics and Philosophy
    Economic Inquiry
    Economic Development and Cultural Change
    Economic Policy
    Economic Record
    Economics Letters
    Economic Modelling
    Economics of Education Review
    Economics of Transition
    Empirical Economics
    Energy Journal
    Environmental and Resource Economics
    Europe-Asia Studies
    Frontiers of Economics in China
    Health Economics
    Industrial and Labor Relations Review
    Industrial Relations
    International Journal of Game Theory
    International Monetary Fund Economic Review
    International Tax and Public Finance
    Journal of Agricultural Economics
    Journal of Economics
    Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics
    Journal of Law Economics & Organization
    Journal of Macroeconomics
    Journal of Productivity Analysis
    Journal of Regional Science
    Journal of Transport Economics and Policy
    Labour Economics
    Land Economics
    Mathematical Social Sciences
    National Tax Journal
    Regional Science and Urban Economics
    Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics
    Oxford Economics Papers
    Oxford Review of Economic Policy
    Public Choice
    Resource and Energy Economics
    Review of Economic Design
    Review of Income and Wealth
    Review of Industrial Organization
    Review of International Economics
    Scandinavian Journal of Economics
    Scottish Journal of Political Economy
    Southern Economic Journal
    The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis &Policy
    The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics
    The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics (Research Articles )
    Theory and Decision
    World Bank Economic Review
    World Development
    World Economy