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    1059期 12月24日:Non-competing Data Intermediaries(Shota Ichihashi,高級經濟學家,加拿大銀行)


    【主題】Non-competing Data Intermediaries
    【報告人】Shota Ichihashi(高級經濟學家,加拿大銀行)
    【時間】12月24日 星期二 15:30-17:00
    【地點】 經濟學院樓312室
    【摘要】I  study a model of markets for personal data, where data intermediaries  (e.g., online platforms and data brokers) buy data from consumers and  sell them to downstream firms. Competition among intermediaries has a  limited impact on improving consumer welfare: If intermediaries offer  high prices for data, consumers share data with multiple intermediaries,  which lowers the downstream price of data and hurts intermediaries.  This leads to multiple equilibria. There is a monopoly equilibrium, and  equilibrium with greater data concentration benefits intermediaries and  hurts consumers. I generalize the results to arbitrary consumer  preferences and study information design by data intermediaries.